Sleep Disorders

There are different types of sleep disorders. Some are more physical in nature such as sleep apnea or sleep disturbance due to physical pain. These are medical conditions best treated by a medical doctor. Still others may be driven by anxiety or the inability to stop thinking or processing a day so that you can get much needed rest. These are treatable with counseling and are on occasion easy to resolve. Medications provided by a physicians can help but may lead to dependency leaving you unable to sleep without theme. They appear best used temporarily.

Once the circadian rhythm (your internal sleep clock) is disrupted it can be difficult to reset. Some people have a terminal sleep disturbance where they awake too early and cannot return to sleep while others cannot stop thinking and get to sleep. There are Intermittent Sleep Disorders where people wake up off and on throughout the night preventing deep restful sleep. Still others may have a sleep condition where they sleep excessively.

Children sometimes have what are termed “night terrors” and may have very disruptive dreams and not awaken or wake up afraid and disoriented. If you suffer from sleep disturbance be it from “I can’t stop the wheels from churning in your mind” or you just don’t seem to get tired when you should be.

Sleep is an important part of good health in general. Poor sleep patterns and disturbances become immediately obvious to our mental health. If this sounds like an issue you have been struggling with then don’t hesitate to seek out your doctor, counselor, or both to alleviate this condition.