Pain Management

Pain Management:

An increasing number of cases with issues in pain management are coming to counseling to find methods for coping with long-term or chronic pain. Patients of medical doctors who might be recovering from surgery or find the medical choices for their condition limited may attend counseling for alternatives.

In certain cases, clients have become addicted to their main medications, only to find the solution become an additional problem.

Pain has been added to the list of “Vital Signs.” Pain is a signal to a problem. Medications have traditionally been the preferred method of treatment and remain so today. When taken as prescribed, this is rarely a problem. But in cases of continued pain or lower threshold for withstanding pain, this can lead to increased use of medications. As medications increase, so does the pain signal. As the two perpetuate each other, there is a danger of addiction.

In other cases, patients of the M.D. may be allergic to the pain medications, leading them to counseling to find other means of managing the discomfort. Whatever the case, counseling can be an effective supplement to manage pain and lower risk factors. This is even more true as our population ages.