Academic Solution

Academic Solution:

Many students, from an early age to college students and adults returning to academic studies, are unprepared for the expectations of education.

Young students frequently believe that avoiding homework makes it magically disappear (at least temporarily.) They may lie to their parents about having homework, or sometimes complete the work but not turn it in. This baffles most parents, as the problem persists and grades begin to drop.

Other students may avoid a majority of their work and catch up at the last minute, sometimes barely in time to pass a subject or even the grade.

These problems are not reflective of the individual’s Intelligent Quotient (I.Q.) or a learning disorder. Issues such as these are more psychological in nature and benefit from counseling to modify how the young person perceives school, how they feed about consequences, and educating parents in methods to support these changes.

Students who fail to make these adjustments find high school increasingly difficult, affecting their overall Grade Point Average (GPA) and consequently admissions to colleges and universities. When students are able to “pull it off” at the last minute through high school, they set themselves up for serious problems when on their own attending a college or university.

I have successfully treated hundreds of these students, from elementary-age young people to doctoral students at major universities. The longer you wait to solve these issues, the more difficult they can be to treat.