Panic Disorders

Panic Disorders:

Panic disorders are marked by the onset of “panic attacks,” which seemingly occur out of nowhere and result in realistic or perceived fear.

Panic attacks are reactions to stressors which may not be occurring at the time the panic attack happened. This is often “scary” to the sufferer, as they begin to think they’re going crazy. The sufferer may be walking down the grocery store aisle when the panic attack decides to occur without any seemingly obvious trigger to set off the attack.

Panic attacks in this case are likely the reaction to emotions that are repressed or ignored. Bad things happen to all of us. But the demands on out functioning don’t stop. Work continues, along with kids, laundry, mowing the lawn, etc., etc., etc. As a result, we ignore a conflict’s emotional distress to continue taking care of our responsibility. The more we ignore, the more likely we are to set ourselves up for the blindsiding panic attack.

Treatment methods are very effective and relief is available if you can find a break in that schedule. There are other forms of panic disorder with the aforementioned being the most common. Just remember this, “If you don’t take care of yourself, you’re surely no good to anyone else.” This isn’t selfish, it’s necessary.