Anger Management

Anger Management:

The term itself sounds so cliché and makes us think more of a movie by the same name than the debilitating and sometimes destructive outcome of anger. It is usually seen as a powerful expression and frequently used as such to protect one’s self emotionally when really feeling inferiority or a lack of self-confidence.

Anger is sometimes triggered by perceiving the world as unfair and uncontrollable, so “why be happy, only to set yourself up for greater disappointment?” It’s the person who believes, “why be glad the sun it out, it’s only going to rain again, someday.” Fear of bad things happening and pessimism are at the root of anger. Without some hope, some passion, the person can’t shed their anger. There is suffering that can be resolved through counseling. Besides, anger is exhausting; it wears you down, takes your energy and, over time, conditions you into only perceiving the negative.