Marital problems unfortunately often lead to divorce. The process of divorce is not only a legal matter, but an emotional one for you and can significantly affect your children. During counseling, both parents are required to be informed that one party in the divorce is bringing their children to counseling. In this situation, my only interest is the adjustment of the young people, of which I have done a great deal of work.

The divorce can be an individual situation not involving children. I frequently help one of the two parties work through the grief of loss, the fears that accompany significant financial changes and custodial outcomes. I am not there to provide professional testimony but rather the satisfactory adjustment to a major life change. To improve your insight into yourself and understand how a divorce came to be the outcome. I may wrestle with your thinking to validate this decision is necessary, or support your convictions if you’re resolved to make this change. My approach is not spiritual, but rather from a psychological and experiential approach.