Insurance & Payments


As a participating provider in most of the major insurance networks, my services may be filed on your insurance provided they meet the requirements of the insurance company for covered mental health services and diagnosis. The insurance companies listed below are a few of the major organizations which I am a contracted network provider:

AetnaBlue Cross & Blue ShieldBlue Shield
First ChoiceHealthsmartHumana
MagellanManaged Health Network (MHN)Private Healthcare Systems (PHCS)
Secure HorizonsUnited HealthcareUnited Behavioral Health

Many insurance companies require that you first set an appointment in my office and then call your insurance company back to set up an authorization for treatment. Some but not all insurance companies require an authorization. Calling the benefits phone number or the mental health services (MH) phone number usually found on the back of your insurance card would be your means of contacting them. While you have your insurance company on the phone to establish an authorization, also ask them if you have a deductible and how much is met. For most of the companies I am considered an “In-Network” provider which frequently rules-out any deductible which might apply. Before you let them off the phone inquire as to the amount of your copayment. Copayments for mental health services sometimes differ from the copayment you might pay for your Primary Care Physician. Please bring your insurance card with you for the first visit.

Once you have this information you may call back and leave it on my voice mail, e-mail it to me, or just bring the information with you at the time of your first visit. If you insurance requires this authorization your session will not be paid by your insurance without it.

Private Pay

Private pay clients are welcome and will not be required to authorize services with their insurance company. Insurance companies will cover most diagnoses but there are a few not covered by insurance. Most coverage is for “serious mental illness,” the definition of which varies from one insurance company to another. The validity of a particular diagnosis can usually be determined during the initial appointment in my office. The fee for services is $120 per hour. The fee does not change regardless of the type or number of people in the session.