Relationship Issues

While most couples have specific problems they need to address, most will come into counseling and report they have communication problems with their partner. Others may have a family trauma, divorce, infidelity, trust, blended family issues, problems with extended family, financial problems or child rearing differences.

I have treated these and many other marital/relationship issues. The goal of psychotherapy in relationship counseling is to address your specific concern while increasing your skills and insight so that you may resolve differences as a couple without resorting to counseling whenever you have an argument. Providing you tools to diffuse your disagreements and reduce the frequency and magnitude typically starts the process. Once we can achieve this, our goal will be to provide you an interpretation of how and why the communication problems come to exist in the first place. Then teaching you new ways of understanding each other to diffuse problems and focus on solutions to differences.

Reducing relationship treatment into a couple of paragraphs is challenging. I will conclude that this is a significant percentage of my practice and has been for many years. I hope that one, or both of you will pursue counseling as a means of improving your relationship.