Elderly Issues/Geriatric Population

Elderly Issues/Geriatric Population:

I have an increasing number of the elderly population coming in for counseling. The term elderly seems so undignified, somehow. I think we should begin to see the term as an honorary position because of the wealth of experiences the Hon. Elderly have.

However, we also know that growing older has its share of aches and pains. Some are physical, which puts a strain on our coping skills and challenges your independence. Challenges for the Hon. Elderly include coping with still-dependent kids now in their 50s; downsizing from the home; having to move; or giving up a driver’s license. It’s adjusting to less freedoms and possibly the loss of your long-time partner.

Adjustment disorders and depression are common. Treating your kids as well as yourself is sometimes the best solution to help you adjust through the stages of growing older with peace of mind. If you are one of those WWII/Depression era kids, I know your tough, but there are a growing number of your generation who are realizing the benefits of counseling.